Every Sunday at Menlyn Retail Park 07h30 - 16h00

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Autofair provides exhibition space for private vehicle sellers and buyers, that is centralised, well advertised and widely recognised

It's like owning your own showroom

Thanks to serious buyers and sellers like you, between 70 and 90 of the more than 250 vehicles displayed at out Menlyn Retail Park (Pretoria) branch are sold every Sunday. Autofair Vehicle Market can offer you the best private deals in South Africa.

Every Sunday at Menlyn Retail Park 07h30 - 16h00. On average 20% - 30% of the R28 million worth of vehicles displayed are sold every Sunday.
This Week's Vehicles
Illana Geldenhuys02nd March 2015

We got the price we wanted.  All in all an awesome experience!

Quintin & Lelanie07th May 2014

Ek en my vriendin het gehoor van die Autofair en een Sondag deur gery van Warmbad om dit te gaan probeer. Ons het skaars ingery toe ons haar kar verkoop, binne 5 min, kontant in die hand! Dit was ongelooflik en ons het al n paar vriende verwys soontoe.

Nadia Van Straten20th August 2014

We sold our vehicle within a week of visiting Autofair for R20,000 more than any garage offered us as a trade-in. Quick and convenient!

Stephan Van Den Berg21st July 2014

I would like to use this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation for Autofair, as their officials were very professional and helpful yesterday (Sunday). You have really created a very effective platform for selling vehicles, quick and easy. The car was sold within 3 hours yesterday and I had numerous calls still today (Monday), based on the website advertisement.

Billy Berry06th November 2014

Thanks to the professional setup at Autofair I managed to sell my vehicle on Sunday within 5 minutes of parking it. I will definitely make use of your service again and recommend you to anyone that needs to sell a vehicle. Thank you Autofair!

Elizanne07th October 2013

Just want to say THANKS! I sold my Opel Corsa Lite 2007 within 4 1/2 hours on Sunday! Very happy!

Johan Badenhorst26th August 2013

I visited Menlyn Retail Park yesterday for the first time - I have to congratulate you (Autofair) with an excellent concept that is well organised and very effective. I was surprised to see my vehicle on your website early this morning already. Well done. I also have to compliment Autofair on the layout of the website - clean, not too 'busy', and very effective (I design websites myself - I think I know what I am talking about). Greetings

Karin26th August 2013

This is just a quick note to thank you for the service you render - it really makes it simple, easy and completely effortless to sell a vehicle for a good price in a secure environment. Yesterday I parked my vehicle at Menlyn Retail Park - this was my first encounter with selling a vehicle and you guys made it easier than I thought it could be.

Jeanné Du Plessis26th August 2013

I just want to thank all the friendly staff at Autofair. I received great service from the first call. My vehicle was sold within one week after displaying it at Autofair Menlyn Retail Park. I will definitely recommend Autofair to other people.

Korff Pieterse20th August 2014

I sold my car on Sunday through parking my vehicle at your display area. It was sold within five minutes, which amazed me completely and I was very impressed. 

Michael Keogh26th August 2013

No sooner had I paid my entrance fee and been directed to a shady parking spot (where I expected to spend the rest of the day) and the vehicle had sold itself! Now I wonder if I asked too little... No, seriously, I am well satisfied. I received my asking price and have been allowed to continue using the vehicle until the end of the month. Thank you Autofair.

Shoshi26th August 2013

Just a word of thanks - came two weeks in a row and sold my vehicle on the first week, and sold my daughter's vehicle on the second week!

Nico, Pretoria03rd March 2014

Thanks to all you people at Autofair! Sold my bakkie in 30 minutes! Keep up the good work.